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Chris Perez | Nipomo, CA

Chris Perez is a really talented skater from Nipomo, CA that Mallard is really interested in sponsoring. Check out what this kid is capable of:

Sick! Keep it up, Chris!

Do you have some footage that you want us to check out? Let us know about it!

Mallard Clothing Sponsors Crossroads Skateboard Competition. Ogden, UT

Creative Commons Licensecredit: jojophoto666

Mallard just got back from (okay, it was a few days) sponsoring prizes at the Crossroads Skate Shop in Ogden. Awesome competition, awesome skaters, awesome indoor skate park, awesome guys running the place, and the whole idea behind Crossroads is phenomenal. (Yeah, that’s right, I just used 4 “awesome’s” in the same sentence.)

Crossroads prides itself on being a completely drug-free  skate zone, and a refuge for skaters all over the state of Utah. I was even reading on the “Park Rules” bulletin that any references to drugs, verbally, or otherwise will result in being tossed out. Pretty sick!

Mallard gave away some awesome skate gear, including decks, shirts, and stickers, oh wait, we forgot those. Dangit! Anyway, everyone was stoked about our shirts and decks, and we plan on sponsoring another Crossroads skate competition in the future.

Check out the video and pictures below. They’re not the best quality, but I did the best with what I had (my camera phone). Okay, okay! I did have my nice, big camera. I just felt too much like a Sports Mom, so I put it in my back pocket and didn’t take the good pictures that I should have.

(The last trick on this video is pretty nuts. Mallard is considering offering the kid a sponsorship.)






Tony Hawk In South Africa

I was reading this article online from the LA Times and thought it was really interesting.  Tony Hawk stopped by a Zulu village in South Africa to share some of his talent.


You can go to read the whole article here.

The Kenneth

The Rebel Skater

no-skateboarding-allowedWe’ve all seen it. You’re watching a skate video and some punk skater who thinks he’s stretching the limits and doing something ridiculously new and hardcore rides up to a NO SKATEBOARDING ALLOWED sign, plasters it with a sticker, and grinds the curb. Well, “got dang”, you might say to yourself. Goodness sakes alive. Who does this fool think he is, and how can I meet him? I’d sure like to add his autograph to my collection. At least that’s what I used to say to myself.

Now it’s old. Cliché. Dare I say, “Poserish”? You get the point. It’s no longer a super-cool thing to have NO SKATEBOARDING ALLOWED signs in every other frame of your skate video.

The reason I bring this up is because we’ve been reviewing all sorts of skate videos lately and it’s gotten to the point where we don’t care where it’s being done. We just care what is being done, and how it’s done. While it may be cool to show your skater friends a video of you skating at your local NO SKATEBOARDING ALLOWED gathering place, sponsors don’t care much about your inner-rebel when displayed that way.

Just something to think about. :)

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