Hella Shout Out

A Band Called Mallard

It has come to our attention that there is a band called Mallard. To say the least: this is awesome.

We don’t know what they sound like because we can’t find any of their music online, but the simple fact that they are called Mallard deserves a friendly good game pat on the ass. Go like them on facebook, damnit.

Proof They Are Bad Ass

So you had your doubts about how legit these guys are? Yeah, so did we, for about 30 seconds until we came across this photo on their facebook page. The fact that they carved a pumpkin into the form of a Mallard is amazing by itself, but the fact that they called the album under which they placed this photo “Quackolanterns” totally put them over the top. So damn funny. I’m feeling a new tradition…

Hopefully they’ll post some music soon on either their webpage, or facebook page, but until then, we’ll keep loving them if only for the name of their band. Keep pounding it like a mallard, gentlemen!

Made In The USA

All new Mallard shirts are made in the USA.

New York's Liberty Island - Statue Of Liberty & Seagull
Creative Commons License credit: David Paul Ohmer

$150 Trick Duplication Contestants

Update: Contest closed. No prize awarded. No qualifying participants.

Entries Open Until May 28, 2010 @ 3:00 PM. Entries subject to entry terms as stated in the “Fine Print” section of the original post.

Entry #1 - Eric Youngstrom
(Note: The Tall Tee shown in this video was an experimental product. Hence the Port tag. All of the Mallard Tall Tees are tagless.)

Entry #2 – Macauley Berg

$150 Bones to Anyone Who Copies This Trick.

Collin Provost @ 0:29 in the video.

If you copy this trick while wearing a new 2010 Mallard Tall Tee (after purchasing it from the Mallard online web store), I’ll personally write you a $150 check. But then again, if you’re doing tricks that big, $150 cash probably doesn’t mean much to you. Regardless, the offer is still on the table.

Fine Print: This should go without saying, but Mallard is NOT not responsible for any stupid shit you do, or injuries that you may bring upon yourself while performing this trick. You have to send me the video within one month from this post. I have full power to deny any video that I feel doesn’t meet MY personal requirements. The video needs to be decent quality, and the rail can’t be wimpy. But if you do the trick, film it, after purchasing a 2010 mallard tall tee, you’ll probably win. Contest excludes sponsored, or previously sponsored Mallard team riders. 2010 Tall Tee must be purchased from the Mallard Online Web Store.

Definition of “This Trick”: Performed exactly as is shown in the video @0:29. Rail must be roughly the same height. No launch accessories allowed. Must be done from level ground to the rail.

Update: This video has generated quite a bit of buzz, so if I end up getting multiple videos, it will come down to a combination of the video quality, and trick quality. Only one person will win the $150 cash prize.

Skate Shoes?

Do you guys like these? We’re not doing skate shoes yet, but we have plans to…and I don’t think we’re going to go down this path…or should we? I dunno, maybe they’re just not my style?